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The Random Project: Is the place where I document all of the people, places, things and thoughts that I have on a daily basis and try to make sense out of life.
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I miss my best friend


Me being goofy in my business wear!
I think I look skinny in this photo!

Playing Lords of Water deep! At a board game meet up!

Dear Tumblr,

I have been having a hard time spelling things lately and my short term memory has been awful. I hope it gets better. I think it is probably just stress and partially because I was eating so few calories last week.
Going to eat a little bit more this week and hopefully I calm down mentally.
Anyway enough of me whining.

Let’s see

Eating healthy and focusing on weight loss with Mel

Spending time hanging out with Mel

Playing board games

job hunting and job related things

I hope that I make a good decision with my next job because I really do not want to job hop all the time and just want a job that I don’t mind going to that does not impact my life negatively.

Also I need to plan a date night with Sean.  We had a talk about our relationship and it put things into perspective and I don’t want to loose the excitement of our relationship.

Mel and I are going away on a mini vacation road trip to North Carolina in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to it. More on that later.

Anyway it is time for me to put my clothes in the dryer and do productive Sunday activities. 

Starting a game of Dominant Species

Teaching people at the meet up to play seasons