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The Random Project: Is the place where I document all of the people, places, things and thoughts that I have on a daily basis and try to make sense out of life.
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It is annoying that my ears feel clogged not sure what to do they have felt this way for a day or so now
I don’t want to have to go to the Dr

So I am sitting here and it is supposed to be game night at this cafe and there is not a single person here to play a game this is making me sad also the people who work here are talking about trashy bars
In other news I have been loosing my train of thought lately and just feeling out of place and awkward
I am excited about the gone girl movie I love that book
I need to find a book similar to that to read

I feel like doing something but not sure what. I am going to start with some dinner and then figure it out from there. I an looking for a random adventure.

Yay I made it to Friday! Feeling good like a cloud has passed and weight has been lifted off my shoulders sometimes you just need to ride moods out
It is solo nice out I don’t want to go back inside! But I got to do what I got to do



Omg I love this game! Dr Mario! I will have to play it later on my Wii

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Quirky package!

Felt pretty good at work today and was surprised at my march monthly production. I didn’t realize I had sold that much in march. April is looking pretty good as far as sales. Anyway I am off for a walk in the park to enjoy the sunshine

Someone jokingly said to me you must just be going through your quarter life crisis and it dawned on my that if I am one positive thing is that I will live past 100!