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So I have had people ask me what my favorite type of game is.
I always have trouble answering this question.
I like all sorts of games.
But I guess my answer would be games with a lot of strategy and components along with a luck factor such as rolling dice.
I know this is a vague answer.

King’s Forge!
At the board game meet up!

Reminds me of my friend.
Oil painting in the community cafe

Working on most of these things
Where can I find some millionaires?

This so my motto!

Lords of Vegas!

I brought a jawbone UP 24 yesterday and am excited about it!

It is making me want to get up and get moving!


The Clue house is for Sale - $1.75M and Live in This Real-Life Board Game

Both ominous and impressive with its stony façade and Corinthian pilasters, this St. Louis, Mo., mansion is back on the market for the first time in 50 years, asking $1.75M. Originally built in 1897, the six-bedroom estate is a museum-like capsule of Tiffany-style domed skylights, ornate mosaic floors, hand-painted frescos, and a massive, grand entrance-worthy staircase. “Step through the front door and the old world, money is no object craftsmanship is apparent,”prompts the haughty brokerbabble. Step further and see just how much the entire place looks like the classic board game Clue (and movie version, though with a depressing shortage of Tim Curry,) right down to its wood paneled billiard room, grand library, and 1908 conservatory addition. Outside, there’s a pool and a fancy carriage house apartment. Grab a candlestick and take a tour…

I want to live in the clue mansion!
Too bad I cannot currently afford it!


Scratch Off Minesweeper Post Card

I want some of these postcards!