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The Random Project: Is the place where I document all of the people, places, things and thoughts that I have on a daily basis and try to make sense out of life.
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I went to work late today and glad I made it in. A co worker is very understanding and glad I can talk to her. Also my Dav coffee shop owner suggested that I just need a short beach vaca that I just have spring fever lol anyway back to work

I need to work on this

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So true. I need to get rid of the belly bulge!

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Dear Tumblr,

I brought a scale the other day and was shocked with what it read. I know it is acurate and the scale is not broken.

I need to start treating myself better. I want to feel good about myself and the way I look. I want to feel good both mentally and physically.

I don’t feel very…

So this post was from 2011… I am close to that weight again that I was in 2011! since I have gone vegan gluten free about month and half ago

I just need to add in some exercise and getting feeling better mentally and I will be doing well

I hope this day gets better. I just want to feel good both physically and mentally
Well I best get inside work.

I moved to fl on April 1 2012
I have been having wierd dreams with people from my past from before I lived in fl and have been waking up feeling shaken and not well rested
Oh and is my least favorite holiday April fools day

The weather is so nice just got done walking in the park

playing board games!
Check out the new games!

So I thought about changing things up and blogging else where but then I realized how much I like tumblr we have some history and realize how much I like the interface on it

Work is getting harder to be there each day.