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kinda want to play besides it being a board game it would be nice to know some info about Korea


Map and Informational Board Game about North Korea.

The aim of the game (aside from learning interesting facts about North Korea) is to leave the country with your four counters (two adult, two children) via one of three exit points: the International Airport, the Demilitarised Zone tunnel to South Korea or over the bridge to China. 

The paths on the map are based on main road routes in NK, and as anyone hoping to leave NK would move at night, the roads are made from lights flares in darkness. The three sizes of lights decide which type of information card the player reads. 

When all the counters reach their final destination, the player turns over a Destination Card to see the fate of each counter - there is one survival card in each pack. The winner of the game is the player who has the most counters left after the Destination Cards have been turned over.

Warning: This game may be distressing to the sensitive.

This game has been sent to the Christian company Open Doors as a way of connecting their clients with what happens in North Korea in a personal way. The game could be easily made into a Smart Phone App game. Watch this space!